Guy Refuses To Pay For $5,000 Gold Plated Steak, Until The Cops Came

I've been to a lot of steakhouses, starting with the family trips to Bonanza as a kid and working my way up to the five star places where record companies pay for it all, but I have never seen a "gold plated steak," nor would I ever order one.

Not the case for Duane Miranda. He knew it was going to be an expensive night at the Brickell steakhouse where diners pay extra to have an Instagram star cut and hand feed them their meat. This was not the case for me at Bonanza. He said they ordered a pair of the standard tomahawk steaks for $275 each for his party to share. Instead, they brought out 2 Golden Tomahawks — a marbled wagyu steak wrapped in edible 24-karat gold leaf that costs $1,000. The steaks are then dramatically sliced by the owner, Salt Bae, who apparently is famous for cutting meat on Instagram.

After the steaks, wine, the $28 martinis, and $19 asparagus was added up, the $5,000 bill was presented, the yelling started,"we didn't order these," the cops were called, it's a great story, read about it here at

More importantly, check out Salt, Mr. Salt? with the fancy steak slicing technique...

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