Brad Delp Of Boston Passed Away 13 Years Ago Today

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I remember it like it was yesterday. March 9, 2007 I was on the air when we got the news that Boston lead vocalist Brad Delp had taken his own life. Carter Alan and I were in a state of shock as we verified the information and started playing all of Boston's music. Listeners called in with stories of buying that first album and listening to it over and over again, or seeing the band in concert and listening to Brad's vocals soar.

Guitarist Tom Scholz said in an interview with Musician Magazine, “The nice thing about Brad, was his incredible ability in the studio. He was a master at controlling his voice — he could do things over and over, changing one note and doing everything else the same. He’s a natural overdubber, he can perfectly match what’s on tape, he can sing harmonies with himself and keep dozens of parts in his mind.”

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