The Dropkick Murphys Are Streaming A Live St. Patrick's Day Concert

Via The Dropkick Murphys playing a St. Patrick's Day show in Boston is as traditional as the fistfights outside the Black Rose. Unfortunately, the Corona Virus has put a stop to that. The band was supposed to have been playing at the House of Blues Boston from this past Saturday through Tuesday, but for the first time in 24 years DKM will not be playing in front of a beer soaked crowd on the most Irish of all days.

However, they are bringing the show to you, in a social distance kind of way. "The current world situation is the ONLY thing that would ever stop us from doing so,” the band wrote. “So we came up with an idea we’re going to pull off this Tuesday – the night of St. Patrick’s Day… We’re going to bring a DKM LIVESTREAM CONCERT to EVERYONE – ALL OVER THE WORLD!!”

Put on your, "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirt, grab a brew, and catch a full Dropkick Murphys concert live on St. Patrick's Day at 7pm on the band's YouTube channel, Instagram, or Facebook Live.

Here's the link with everything you need for, "Streaming Up From Boston Live."

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