Mom Crashes Her Daughter's Singing Video, Literally...

Image: (GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT/AFP via Getty Images)

Via Liz San Millan had a beautiful little video going. Singing a melody in a high register until Mom came barging in, but not through the door.

This is my biggest fear going up into our unfinished attic. When it's time to get the Christmas decorations, I'm always trying not to make that misstep that's going to send me through the ceiling down below. That's exactly what happened here. Liz was moving to New York to go to school for musical theater, and Mom was up in the attic looking for luggage to help her move, until she wasn't...

Mom trying to steal the show by showing some dangling leg. Dad is fixing the hole in the ceiling, and you know he's loving that. Check it out, what an entrance!

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