New Football Scented Candles Includes, "Jockstrap"

Captain Cam Newton led the New England Patriots to their first victory of the empty stadium football season. If you miss the scent of Sundays at Gillette Stadium, BABE Wine brand and Ryan Porter of Candier brand have teamed up to bring the smell of the game, and more, to your home.

Chelsea Phillips, general manager of BABE said, “As football season kicks off without fans in the stands, we saw an opportunity to enhance the at-home game day experience through some pretty unique scents that’ll make you feel like you’re really there.” How? By offering 3 candles to capture that game day experience.

"$18 Nachos," with the smell of that overpriced orange goo slathered across about 8 chips, "Field Goals" captures the scent of freshly cut grass, and "Jockstrap," which they describe as a musky, male deodorant smell.

"Honey, the game's about to start. Fire up the jockstrap candle so it smells like David Andrews crotch after playing 4 quarters." You'll be snapping towels at each other before you know it.

To order your football candles, click here.

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