Most Of New Jersey Convinced They Saw A UFO Last Night!

Photo: ANTONIO SCORZA/AFP via Getty Images

After coronavirus, murder hornets, and the west coast in flames, why wouldn't there be an attack from outer space in 2020? Northern New Jersey came to a halt last night to stare up at what many people believe was a UFO. Four lanes of highway stopped as people got out of their cars to take video of this mysterious flying object.

Watch the videos and tell me...isn't that the Goodyear Blimp? The Giants were playing Monday Night Football at MetLife Stadium and, well, look at some of the comments:

"Go on YouTube and watch the couple dozen videos posted. People aren't stupid enough to stop on the freeway to take videos of a blimp. This thing was captured from multiple angles and none show it as a blimp. Blimps must keep moving or will drift upward. Thrust keeps its altitude," while another stated, "Exactly people are rediculus (sic) .. im starting to see people post close videos and different angles.. so many people stopped on the street.. they don't dont do that for a blimp." Another person exclaimed, "Good year blimp everyone is saying. How about some critical thinking folks. When was the last time a good year blimp bought traffic to a standstill??"

LOL! New Jersey...