Dunks Wants You To Punk Your Friends With Their New Ghost Pepper Donut

You hit Dunks, pick up a coffee, and maybe a donut to enhance the experience. What do you go for? Boston Cream? Glazed? Jelly? Dunks rolled out a new donut today that should wake up those taste buds.

Introducing the Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut. Dunks describes it as a, "deliciously daring donut." It's baked with a classic yeast dough and topped with strawberry icing that's mixed with a blend of cayenne and ghost pepper, which happens to be one of the hottest chili peppers in the world. That will wake you up! Better make it a LARGE coffee to go with that.

One Twitter user wrote...

Dunks is challenging you to surprise your friends with the spicy donut and post their reactions on social media by using the hashtag #DunkinSpicySide. This could be really funny or go wrong really fast!

So, you gonna try it?

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