Coca Cola Announces They Are Ending TAB!

Image: Coca-Cola

Via TAB Cola, Coca Cola's first ever diet soda, and the choice of aunts everywhere, is ending it's run. Coke announced today they are discontinuing the saccharine sweetened drink to, "make their operations more efficient and meet growing demand for their most popular items."

The saccharine sweetened, zero calorie Tab was mostly marketed to women, with advertising that wouldn't fly today. “You know, keeping your shape in shape has it’s rewards,” one commercial said. “Enjoy Tab and be a mind-sticker.” LOL! A mind-sticker? Look at this ridiculous Stepford Wife commercial.

I had an aunt that drank TAB like water. I always thought it tasted like metal cough syrup that had expired, but she loved it.

When's the last time you had a TAB?


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