Jason Momoa, The Real “Aquaman,” Calls Marshfield Boy After Viral Video

(Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Via boston.cbslocal.com. How cool is this? Seven year old Danny Sheehan of Marshfield was surprised with a present by a photographer after his family holiday photos were taken. His reaction to opening an “Aquaman” action figure was awesome! “Oh my God! My favorite one! I LOVE AQUAMAN!” It was like he just got the greatest present ever.

Danny has been bravely battling brain cancer since 2017, I saw this story the other night, his Mom says despite all the medical procedures he’s been through, he never complains. The video of his excitement went viral, eventually reaching Aquaman himself.

Jason Momoa Facetimed Danny today. “Hi Beautiful boy,” Momoa said smiling. “I’m excited. I have been hearing about you all over, from all of my friends, and I wanted to call you and say hi and see how you’re doing.”

Danny asked him about his underwater life and showed him his Aquaman toy. And he’s officially been invited to swim with the dolphins. Check it out...

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