Cannabis Infused Seltzers Are Now Available In Massachusetts

Well, this is a beverage game changer, LEVIA of Georgetown, Ma has launched the first cannabis-infused seltzers now available for sale at over 45 licensed cannabis dispensaries across Massachusetts, all made, "with the finest locally-sourced buds and simple all-natural ingredients."

Each 12 ounce can of seltzer contains 5MG THC, zero calories, zero sugar, and NO HANGOVER. LEVIA currently offers three flavors...

Achieve“Get Stuff Done, Work or Play”

This vibrant raspberry-lime sparkling water is energized with the LEVIA sativa blend. It’s a “get-things-done rocket booster,” said Jordani Joseph, LEVIA’s director of cannabis. Whether hiking a mountain or a mountain of laundry, this sativa blend helps consumers check off the whole list while feeling great.

Celebrate“Good Times with Good People

Keep the smiles coming with the lemon-lime LEVIA Celebrate hybrid blend. Get-togethers and one-on-ones have never felt brighter whether it be at backyard BBQs, game nights, holidays, going out on the town, or a celebratory night in with friends and family.

Dream“Smooth Out the Corners of Your Day”

LEVIA and chill with LEVIA Dream, a jamberry flavored indica blend for that peaceful, easy feeling. Relaxing on the couch, nighttime rituals, massage and spa days, or simply take the edge off anytime.

“To be the first manufacturer in Massachusetts to bring a product like ours to market is both thrilling and humbling,” said Kristin Rogers, cofounder of LEVIA. “The cannabis industry is so dynamic, fueled by those with an entrepreneurial spirit, including our female-led, social equity-focused company. We are excited to establish an infused beverage category here in Massachusetts by bringing an innovative, refreshing, zero calorie seltzer to the market as our first product.”

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