"The Rosebud Motel" From Schitt's Creek Is Now For Sale

If you've ever dreamed of running a motel, with everything that comes with it like being called to Room 6 with a plunger in your hand at 2am, this is your chance. And it's not just any motel, it's The Rosebud Motel from the now-legendary cult classic TV show “Schitt’s Creek," and it's for sale.

It's actually called The Hockley Motel, located 50 miles outside of Toronto, Canada, in Mono Ontario on the banks of the Nottawasaga River. And just like when tourists come to Cheers in Boston and quickly learn that it looks nothing like the TV show bar, The Hockley was mainly used for exterior shots and has six rooms instead of the nine on Schitt's Creek, but it does have a mobile home with a "Florida Room."

Owner Jesse Tipping, who bought the hotel in 2012 for $820,000, told I Heart Radio she “would love to see the property’s next owner turn it into a ‘Schitt’s Creek‘-themed motel as a tribute to the show.”

Live the dream, it will only cost you $1.6 million. Click here for all the details.