Doors/Iron Maiden Mashup, "2 Minutes To LA," Is Awesome!

This proves that Jim Morrison could have fronted a metal band, hell, he already had the leather pants! Mashup artist Bill McClintock has taken The Doors 1971 classic, "L.A. Woman," and combined it with Iron Maiden's 1984 hit, "2 Minutes To Midnight," to create, Iron Doors, "2 Minutes to L.A."

Not only does Bill mix these songs so well, he edits a video to look like it was made for the new song. In between shots of Iron Maiden performing on stage, we have Jim Morrison driving around the desert in a sick Mustang. He's lighting cigarettes at the gas station, he's drinking beer as he drives, he's being...Jim.

Meanwhile, we get Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson prowling the stage, throwing in some "midnights" in the classic metal lead singer pose, one foot up on the amp. It is.........magnificent.

Enjoy Iron Doors, "2 Minutes to L.A." And as a bonus, look at what Bill did with Metallica and Huey Lewis, James Hetfield and the News, "It's Hip To Be The Sandman."