Watch This Video Of Sea Worms With Teeth Swarming Charleston Harbor!

As we await the arrival of trillions of cicadas emerging from their 17 year slumber in the ground, we can enjoy the arrival of the clamworms!

These marine worms are swarming Charleston Harbor in South Carolina, and the South Carolina Department of Natural resources seems pretty psyched about it, but these have teeth! Look at that thing up close!

"Nothing says spring on the coast like… a frenzy of marine worms?🐛🐛🐛

Sometimes called clamworms, these animals that ordinarily live on the seafloor undergo an incredible transformation under new and full moons in spring – their bodies morph into reproductive forms called ‘epitokes’ as they swarm in coastal waters. This fascinating phenomenon occurs every year at our marine headquarters in Charleston and is often followed by hungry throngs of fish and birds along the marsh edge.🐟🦅

You may not want to go swimming with epitokes, as clamworms do have a set of hooked jaws, but it’s hard not to appreciate such an unusual coastal sight.🏝️

Have you ever seen an epitoke swarm in spring?"

Anyone for a swim?