World's First Transparent Pool Hanging 115 Feet In The Air Opens In London

Swimmers In The World's First Sky Pool

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

The world's first transparent, "floating" swimming pool has opened in London.

The 'Sky Pool' is suspended 115ft above the street, and is stretched between the 10th floors of two buildings in the Nine Elms neighborhood in south-west London. The developers, Embassy Gardens says, "This crystal clear, 25-metre-long pool seems to float in the air. Dive in and there’s nothing but clarity between you and the world below. There’s no other pool in the world like the Sky Pool."

So, you can't just wear your bathing suit on the London tube and show up, you have to be a member of an exclusive club to take a dip in this 82 foot see through pool that holds 50 tons of water. have to really trust the engineers who built this. So, would you go for a swim?

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