WATCH: Fisherman Saves Woman Being Attacked By Coyote On Cape Cod Beach

Via Wait a second...After all the shark reports on the Cape, we go into the water scanning the horizon for fins. Now we have to look out for coyotes at the beach?

Marcy Sterlis of New York was on Race Point Beach in Provincetown just before noon on Thursday. She told Fox25 news, “I sat down to put my sneakers back on and as I was getting up, I look over and this coyote was four or five feet from me.”

Yikes! And then it starts moving in...“It was like up to a foot at some point … and it just kept coming at me, and I could not get it."

Luckily, fisherman William Kelley came upon the scene and started banging an oar against the side of the boat to scare the coyote away. A couple other people on the boat recorded the whole thing, then escorted Marcy safely to her car.

Look at the video, this is crazy!

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