There's An Instagram Page Dedicated To Half Full And Abandoned Dunks Cups

You see them everywhere, usually in a standing position. A Dunkin' coffee cup, either hot or iced, that someone half finished and...abandoned.

Maybe you didn't notice how many times you see these half drunk warriors, but Alice Brown did. She even noticed a pattern, they were always perched on top of something, and that very often they're left upright and half full. On top of MBTA ticket kiosks, wedged between parking meters, any available wall, even on a discarded toilet by the curb.

Alice began documenting these orphaned cups, astonished that she had accumulated over 500 photos in 3 years. Her hobby became a collection on Instagram @halfdrunkdunks which has taken off. Once you start looking at these abandoned Dunks bombs it's hard to stop. Maybe one of these is yours?

Check out her collection here at @halfdrunkdunks

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