Karlson, McKenzie and Heather

Karlson, McKenzie and Heather

Boston's Only Classic Rock Morning Show with Kevin Karlson, Pete McKenzie & Heather Ford on 100.7 WZLX!Full Bio

Feeling The "Flow"

KM&H 3.30.23

Planet peeping, Mircales In Hartford And Opening Day Previews

KM&H 3.29.23 Part 1

Mass. Has An official state Ice Cream, Uranus And The Karlson Family Fun Day

KM&H 3.29.23 Part 2

Dad Hires A HIt On A Family Member, A Tainted water Supply And A Visit From The Sausage Guy

And Easter Was Never The Same After….That

Today's episode is "Super Sized"

KM&H 3.28.23 Part 1

Cows In The News, The Sleepy Plumber And A Boston Strangler Connection

KM&H 3.28.23 Part 2

Kraft Mac N' Bill, Delirious deliver Drivers And Another Boston Parlay?

Toaster Strudel Or Twinkies?

Ironically, this guy may make you lose your appetite.....

KM&H 3.27.23 Part 1

World's oldest Drag Queen, A Vibrator Settlement And A Weird Place For A Water Glass To End Up.....

KM&H 3.27.23 Part 2

The Chronicles of "Florida Man", Fo Shizzle You're Fired And Dr. Lecock