Karlson, McKenzie and Heather

Karlson, McKenzie and Heather

Boston's Only Classic Rock Morning Show with Kevin Karlson, Pete McKenzie & Heather Ford on 100.7 WZLX!Full Bio

KM&H 12.2.22 Part 1

KM&H 12.2.22 Part 2

Bad Golf etiquette, Ernie The Elf is back and another Boston Parlay

Let's Play "Airport Roulette"

Sounds fun (and expensive) for the whole Family!

KM&H 12.1.22 Part 1

We've got updates on Jack Edwards, Pilot Whales and A Listener/Pugilist

KM&H 12.1.22 Part 2

Kevin's Stoney Shopping Spree, A Sign from the other side?, And Name That Snowplow

Heather Files A Formal Complaint

Shouldn't somebody notify H.R.?

KM&H 11.30.22 Part 1

KM&H 11.30.22 Part 2

The Bidet Breakdown

Just some good old fashioned bathroom humor today.....

KM&H 11.29.22 Part 1

Pats Preview, Karlson's Streaming Recommendations and a good deed goes...unnoticed.